Genome Alberta Project Managers

The Metabolomics Innovation Centre - GIN Node
Dana Chamot
ตำรา บา คา ร่า
(780) 492-5009

PACE - Omics:Personalized, Accessible, Cost-Effective Application of Omics Technologies
Shelagh Genuis
(780) 492-6193

Increasing feed efficiency and reducing methane emissions through genomics: a new promising goal for the Canadian Dairy industry
Mary De Pauw
(780) 248-1901

Application of Genomics to Improve Disease Resilience and Sustainability in Pork Production
Irene Wenger
(780) 492-7672

Development and deployment of MBVs/gEPDs for feed efficiency and carcass traits that perform in commercial beef cattle
Dawn Trautman
(780) 492-4319

GE3LS Network in Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Shelagh Genuis
(780) 492-6193

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